If I Could Only Open My Mouth…

The past few years have been the kind of years where you can see God through all the pain and hardships, but the pain and hardships you endure are the sorts you would really rather not experience. I remember back in April of this year; I was exhilarated at the thought of being me again. Of diving into a new church family, developing the relationships with our families that had been suffering due to distance, and giving back to the community that God would place us in. I had grand ideas. Of walking with our dog every day on the greenway. Of investing in the lives of our neighbors and family and becoming someone whom they could depend on in times of need or as a listening ear. Of being Jesus to those who don’t know Him. Of loving those around us no matter the cost. Of participating in a church that we could call home. Of using the skills and passions which God has placed in my heart for His glory.

Then we moved. We moved to a beautiful city that feels like a breath of fresh air being surrounded by nature on all sides and watching the change in seasons. We found a church that feels like home and shares our values. We made friends and are walking through life with a community. We have seen our families more often in the last eight months than it seems like the last eight years separated by half a country (even though this isn’t true, it sure feels like it). Tim has a job, and I am enjoying school. Life is good. God is good. We are blessed. And we are content. But, am I really?

See, the past few months we have been attending a wonderful church and participating in a community group with a fantastic group of people who quickly became our friends. I love community group because it allows us to walk through life together. To share our highs and lows in an environment that fosters dependence upon Jesus and a vulnerability that is beneficial to our growth as believers and as men and women with a heart to serve. Yet, when it comes time to share our struggles and triumphs over sin, my mouth remains shut. When my heart is screaming to trust these new friends, my lips are sealed.

I can come up with many excuses and reason as to why this may happen, like:

I’m terrified

I have communication apprehension

I was abused when I was a child

I recently left a sour situation with a ministry

I am an introvert

I have nothing left to give

I’m shy

Yes, I may have been hurt in the past and find it difficult to trust those with whom I recently decided to call my friends, but do excuses make it okay to ignore the Spirit that yearns to fellowship and to be held accountable by voicing the deepest parts of my heart? Do I believe the hardships I have endured can be used by God to further the gospel (Philippians 1, NKJV)? I understand that it is foolish to simply speak with no purpose, but when the Spirit places something heavy on my heart, I should be more than willing to speak on those things. So, what is stopping me?

If only I could open my mouth and share the passions that I have with those with whom I am living life. If only I would allow myself to say aloud that I appreciate those around me. If only I do, without hesitation, that which the Lord places in my heart to do for others. If only….

I wish I could be the person my heart longs to be. To step out of my comfort zone and let God use me as He wills. To be the hands that serve, the heart that prays, the mouth that is quick to encourage, the ears that are always listening, and the eyes that see what others cannot. To ask if I can join in on an activity that sounds like fun. To invite people over to play board games, chat, and fellowship. To give back because I trust God to continually fill me with Himself because I cannot do it alone.

For those of you reading this, thank you for bearing with me when I am abnormally quiet in situations where it is more appropriate to talk. Thank you for allowing me to share these things via a blog post than in person because I can’t find the words to say in the moment. Thank you for loving me and walking through life with me when I sometimes do not give back in return. Thank you.

Please pray for me. There is a lot of healing that needs to happen in my heart and mind because of past experiences, but God is gracious and kind. He healed me from the pain of childhood abuse, so I know He will heal me from the brokenness that occurred during the past eight years. Please pray that one day, I will be able to walk with my head held high, healed, whole, and joyful, ready to serve and love those around me with everything I’ve got as I hold fast to Jesus. One day.


Trepidation Moving Forward

I have reached that point. The point that I knew I would reach in this process of moving. The point I’ve been consistently giving back over to the Lord because fear is not of Him. Over and over in the Bible He says “do not fear”, and even in 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.”

But what is this point that I have reached, you may ask? The fear of the unknown.

The fear of leaving everything I’ve grown to know and accept for the past 7 years. The fear of not knowing what to expect as we move forward.

But then I remind myself, or rather, God reminds my heart, that He is with us no matter what.

Isaiah 41:10 “Fear no, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

Matthew 28:20 “teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

He is there already preparing a place for us to call a temporary home in that little corner of Earth that He is entrusting to us for a time. He is already working in the hearts of those we will meet and share life with when we move. He is working in my heart and mind, placing dreams and passions I didn’t know could exist in my life a few years ago, in preparation for our journey that is before us.

Therefore, even through the fear and doubt, I know I can trust the One who has never failed me. I can boldly step forward one step at a time knowing that He will guide my foot. And that excites me. That feeling of joy, hope, love, and excitement for what may be even though I don’t know all the details yet. This is what keeps me going.

Packing one box at a time, painting one accent wall a week, setting up appointments for apartments, and purchasing plane tickets. The knowledge that I’m not doing this alone. Not only do I have the God that created everything before me, I have a loving family by my side. I am not alone. And there is comfort in that.

A Man Called Mr. Unknown – By Samantha Hoffman

A man called Mr. Unknown

                                                 *Justin’s POV*

The man came on Sunday in a buttoned up dress coat and shiny black shoes and I could tell why he was here. The man was here for the same reason everyone else was who walked through that orphanage door. He was here to adopt a kid. From a corner I could see the man practically skip into the lobby of the orphanage. He gives the counselors a big broad smile. Even though the man looked friendly with his brown hair and short beard I still got an uneasy feeling in my stomach. The man then glanced back at the doorway and I see his lips move. He is talking to someone.

I peek around the corner a little more and can see a girl with straight blond hair and blue eyes about my age trying to decide whether or not to follow the man’s command.  The man gives her a warning look and finally she gives up. She walks up cautiously towards the man and stands next to him obediently. She reminded me of a scared wolf with its tail between its legs after it backed out of a fight. I wonder why she is scared of the man.

Suddenly I see the girl stare in my direction with a worried expression. I wave to her and she nervously waves back. She only looks at me for a little while until the man corrects her and she stares straight ahead and doesn’t glance at me again.

The man and one of the boy counselors, John, start to exchange a few words and John nods his head in agreement. John then leads the man over to the playroom where I’m supposed to be at and I quickly scurry to a table and sit down. I pick up my stuffed wolf where I left him and pretend I was playing with him the whole time. John and the man walk towards me with the girl trailing behind like a lost puppy.

John and the man approach me and the man grins that same big broad smile. I’m starting to think his smile is just for show because he keeps doing it a lot and the girl is scared of him. I wonder why he is pretending….But I am soon interrupted by my thoughts when John starts to speak.

“Justin” John says while ruffling my dirty blond hair “This is Mr. Unknown, he is here to adopt you today”

I shiver at the man’s name it sounds so creepy like someone kids would stay away from not get adopted by.

I try to put on a fake happy and polite mood but I’m terrified inside.

“Hi-hi Mr. Unknown it’s very um…nice to meet you” I stutter

I clutch my stuffed wolf and await what Mr. Unknown is about to say. I hope I didn’t sound too terrified because I have a feeling that would make life harder for me. But, Mr. Unknown just looks into my dark brown eyes and gives me a quick smile and heads back over with John to a desk to fill out the adoption papers. While they are gone the girl stays behind with me. She doesn’t even dare try to talk to me as kids of every age swarm around us like bees.

Some 10 year old boys even think the girl is pretty because they grin at her from the carpet where they are playing with trucks. But even with all the chaos taking place it is still silent between the girl and me. I start to get impatient so finally I break the silence by asking the girl her name.

“What’s your name?” I ask

“Annie” she whispers, while still looking at the floor

Finally Annie looks up but not to talk to me but to glance at Mr. Unknown. Instead of wondering why I try and asks her questions to take her mind off him.

“Cool, I’m Justin. How old are you? Because I am 9” I reply

Annie doesn’t answer and just keeps staring at Mr. Unknown. She fidgets with her fingers anxiously.

“Um how old are you?” I repeat

“9” Annie responds while still looking in Mr. Unknowns direction. We then sit in another antagonizing silence until I get an idea.

“Um, that’s a lot of papers and it’s pretty loud in here and I know a place that’s quiet and doesn’t involve Mr. Unknown. Want to go?” I question

She doesn’t respond so I grab her hand and yank her out of the room.

The whole time it takes us to get to my favorite place of the orphanage Annie keeps looking behind us as if she suspects that Mr. Unknown is following close behind.

I turn left than right until I get to a door. The door is really old and the walls are chipped and peeling off. This room is one of the old abandoned classrooms from the old part of the orphanage. They had built a new bigger part when the orphanage got too crowded. No one comes here anymore.

I open the door and lead Annie inside then close the door behind me. I put my stuffed wolf on one of the desks and let go of Annie’s hand. Annie glances at the door once again and I can practically feel the nervousness bouncing on the walls and all around us inside the room.

“Relax, No one comes here anymore” I reassure her

Annie seems to loosen up a bit and sits down in the desk that my stuffed wolf is on top of and strokes the wolf’s fur.

“Your wolf” she exclaims, eyes full of curiosity and interest “What’s its name?”

“Um, it doesn’t really have a name” I admit

“You have had it for this long and it still doesn’t have a name?” she questions

I nod my head no

“Hm well I guess we will have to name it then” Annie decides

I look up at her to see if she is kidding but she has a serious expression plastered on her face. She thinks for a moment with that expression still on her face then asks if the wolf is a boy or girl.

“Is it a by or a girl?” Annie inquires in deep thought

“Um…boy” I respond

“How about Moon?” She suggests

“Ok” I shrug

She hugs moon and then places him back on the desk. Suddenly she spots the books on the shelf and races over to them. Excitement washes over Annie and a smile tugs at her lips. She dances about the book shelves naming each one as she passes them.

“Ooo the Outsiders sounds good! No wait the hunger games! Ooo Fallen!”

Annie plucks a book off the shelf and scurry’s over to the desk to where moon lays. While Annie reads to moon from a big chapter book I play with some old Lego pieces that I snuck in here a while back. It seems only yesterday that my mom died and my dad brought me to the orphanage. Now I am getting adopted by someone new who is as suspicious and creepy as his name sounds.

I get bored of my Lego’s and pick up a book to read it. I look at the words but they come into a big blurry mess.

“How are you even reading from that book and getting what it means? Or even seeing the words exactly? It makes no sense” I question Annie, still confused by the blurriness. I take the book away and I can see just fine. Weird.

Annie shrugs “It makes sense to me”

She goes back to reading but then pauses

“Doesn’t it make sense to you?” Annie asks confused

I shake my head no. She gets up from the desk and pushes another desk beside it and beckons me to sit down. I take a seat next to Annie and she points to some words in the book.

“Read this” she demands

I look at the page she is pointing at but the words come together making a big blurry mess again. I try to squint and read the words but I can’t see anything but a big blur.

I shake my head “I can’t it’s all really blurry”

“Hm” Annie thinks

Then fear approaches my face.

“Relax, you just need glasses” Annie calmly reassures

“Then how come I can’t read the words but when I take the book away I can see fine.”

“You are far sighted”

“What is that?”

“It’s when you can’t see far but you can see near and near sighted is when—“

Annie stopped mid thought because we heard a counselor call my name from the end of the hallway. Annie grabs the book while I grab moon. We were about to go when Annie was going to put the book back.

“You can keep the book” I offered

“Ok” Annie responds

I open the door for Annie and we walk down the long hallways and into the playroom where Mr. Unknown is waiting for us. A counselor hands me a few clothes in a bag and I put moon inside. Annie opens up the door of the car and I step inside and Annie sits next to me. A few minutes later I notice Annie asleep beside me clutching the book in her arms.

I pull out moon from the bag and cuddle him. With the sound of the car and the faint melody of the radio I slowly fall asleep by Annie and let the darkness carry me away into dreamland.

*Annie’s POV*

Justin, Mr. Unknown, and I are in the woods. I can smell the fresh air of the woods and feel the presence of wild life around me. Its seems like a peaceful dream. A dream in which you wake up and want to hold close to your heart and remember again and again. But no, it’s not going to be. I know it. Ever since I have been with Mr. Unknown I have been having horrible night mares. They keep getting worse and worse it’s not even the first time I dreamt of Justin.

Before we picked him up at the orphanage I had had a dream of a part of that day. It was the part when we were walking into the orphanage. In the dream I had not followed Mr. Unknown’s orders of going inside so I got beat up by Mr. Unknown himself. Justin was around the corner the whole time just watching with a terrified look. But even that wasn’t the first time I have had him in my dreams.

I remember when I was really little about the age of three I remember dreaming of Justin as a toddler with his parents. His mom was there watching Justin eat some carrots stroking his hair while his dad had a scowl on his face. He was sitting on the couch watching a football game. Justin went to get up from his seat when he slipped on the hard wood tile and crashed to the ground. Justin stared crying while his dad turned up the volume of the TV. His mom gave Justin’s dad an angry look and went to cradle her baby. She went to a toy shelf and grabbed his stuffed wolf which we now named moon. She gave Justin moon and he stopped crying. This time had to be the worst of all dreams so far. But who knew it was about to get even worse.

Again we have the peaceful setting of the woods and a stream really close to our camp. Suddenly Mr. Unknown gets really mad about something but I can’t tell what. He snatches up moon from Justin’s arms and throws him in the stream out of anger. The furious cataracts thrash moon back and forth down the stream until moon gets trapped underneath a rock.

“Moon!!!” Justin screeched like an eagle

Justin jumps out of his chair and ran towards the river to get moon.

“Justin!!!” I yelled, I could feel the hot tears beginning to fall down my cheeks.

But it was too late Justin had jumped into the stream and swam to the rock to grab moon.

“Justin!!!!” I sobbed “come back here!”

I try to wake up but I can’t. The dream keeps going on.

I am about to run after him and help him but Mr. Unknown holds me back. I try to wiggle free but his grip is too strong and it is wrapped tightly around my waist.

I looked in the direction of Justin and he holds moon in his arms but has trouble getting up. The mud is too slippery and Justin keeps falling back into the water over and over again. Justin must have tried a million times but he still cat get out Justin needs my help to get him out! I try to squeeze my way out again but Mr. Unknown just wouldn’t let go.

This time Justin was calling my name.

“Annie! Help!”

I try and try to get free but it was not use, I am trapped.

“Annie Help!” Justin called out again

Justin kept calling out but then the voices fade away. Justin had drowned in the river.

I wake up breathing hard and sweat rolling down my cheeks and on the back of my neck. I look over at Justin and see him sleeping soundlessly with moon in his arms.

That was all it took to fall asleep again.


*Justin’s POV*

I wake up and find myself with Annie in the car parked in the parking lot at a convenient store. I rub the cloudiness from my eyes and notice Annie is up reading that book and Mr. Unknown is out of the car.

“Where are we and where is Mr. Unknown?” I ask Annie

Annie shrugs and replies “Mr. Unknown probably inside getting breakfast and we are at Wawa

Annie goes back to reading and I hold moon in my arms. It is really boring in this car and I wish I had brought a book from the orphanage. Then I remember I can’t read a book because of the blurriness.

I get really bored waiting for Mr. Unknown so I decide to go back to sleep. With moon laying softly in my arms I drift into a light sleep.


*Annie’s POV*

I can’t help but get an anxious feeling whenever I think about that dream I had last night. I’m starting to think that I have the ability to tell the future because each dream I had had so far has come true. I really hope this one doesn’t.

I look beside me and notice Justin has fallen asleep with moon in his arms again. I watch Justin look peaceful for a few more seconds then go back to reading. The book I am reading has to do with dreams and I’m trying to read and learn as much as I can about them.

It says here that dreams can be about your fears and what you’re afraid with happen but nothing about being able to tell the future so far.

Just then Justin bolts awake. I hand him the book because I am going to see if he really needs glasses. It sounded strange how he couldn’t read the writing but could see everything else. I didn’t want to worry him so I kept it to myself.

“Read this again” I demand

“But remember yesterday? I couldn’t read it” Justin points out

“Just do it” I sigh

Justin takes the book from my hands and begins to read. He then gets a confused look on his face.

“I-I can read it and its way clearer than it’s ever been.” he responds puzzled

Now I’m the one who is confused. How is that possible?

Then it gets stranger

“Mm, I smell cinnamon buns” Justin practically slobbers. He puts the book down and sniffs the air.

“I don’t smell anything” I retorted confused

“Mm Mr. Unknown has cinnamon buns” Justin answers

It’s still kind of dark outside so it must still be early in the morning and I don’t see Mr. Unknown anywhere.

Just then Mr. Unknown comes in with two cinnamon buns. Justin snatches his cinnamon bun from Mr. Unknown and wolfs it down like it is his last meal and he will never ever taste another sweet again.

“Justin!” I exclaim surprised by his  strange behavior

Justin wipes all the crumbs off of him and practically strangles moon in his arms as he goes to lay down by the faint little patch of sunlight on his seat.

“I suddenly feel so very tired and this sun feels soo good” Justin mumbles sleepily

He then begins to snore like a pig.

“There is something wrong with that boy” Mr. Unknown says disgusted in a tiny whisper that I can barely hear.

“I heard that loud and clear” Justin barks angrily

He then goes back to snoring and stays silent for the rest of the car ride to who knows where. I have a weird feeling about Justin’s new ability’s but I have another feeling that I will have a dream about it soon.


*Justin’s POV*

I hear the sound of dripping water on the window as I’m trying to sleep. The problem is that I can hear really well so when I’m in the car at night I can hear every single sound and it keeps me up most of the time. It’s only some days though because for some reason these new powers go away some days but come back the next.


I have been getting these strange new powers that allow me to hear really well, smell really well and even see really well. I haven’t told Annie this or anyone actually but before I had these powers my hearing, seeing, and smelling has been worse. The only person who knows that my eye sight has been bad for a day is Annie but I am not going to tell her the whole story that I have figured out. But maybe she already knows.

It seems like the day before I get new powers that the power that is stronger gets worse for a day. It’s like I’m one of those super heroes from my old comic books. The only difference is that I am not a super hero…I’m more like a super human!

I try to close my eyes but the rain is really annoying me and is crazy loud. I look over at Annie to see if she is awake but she is out like a light. Annie moans in her sleep and tosses and turns. She is probably having a nightmare.

I lay back down on my side and sigh. I’m about to close my eyes when I see a note book in the back of the car. I glance at Mr. Unknown to see if he is watching me but he is keeping his eyes on the road and paying no attention to the back seat.

I reach back for the notebook and quickly grab it before he notices. It is really dark in the car but I can see really well. It seems like I have night vision. In the metal spiral of the notebook is a number 2 pencil. I quickly slide the pencil out of the spiral and flip to the first page.

I begin to draw a wolf. I hadn’t drawn in years but I still know the basics of a wolf because I had seen moon millions of times. I draw the shape of his muzzle and the texture lines of his fur. I even add sparkles to his eyes because moon is always happy. I must have drawn for hours because the rain has finally stopped and my arm has begun to hurt. I sign my name than kiss moon then the drawing and cuddle up in a ball and go to sleep.

When I wake up the drawing is gone. I look under my pillow but it’s not there. Then I glance over and see Annie looking at my drawing.

“Did you draw this?!?!” Annie questions

I nod my head.

“Justin this is really good!” Annie exclaims

“No, it’s not I haven’t—“

“Justin” Annie says seriously while grabbing my shoulders “It’s really good, trust me”

She smiles and I smile back. Just then I notice we are at a different place.

“Where are we?” I inquire

“Beats me” Annie shrugs

She then grabs her book and starts reading. I bit my lip dreading what I’m about to say but I say it anyway.



“Where did Mr. Unknown find you? Where did you come from?”

I hesitate for an answer but I really want to know. It’s been bugging me.

“That’s not for you to ask” Annie says seriously while not taking her eyes off her book.


“Justin” She snaps “I don’t want to talk about it”

I keep my mouth shut and Annie puts the book away and gives me the silent treatment. Then I see it. A single tear slide down Annie’s cheek and land on the floor below. I don’t know what to do, I have never seen a girl cry before.

To make matters worse Mr. Unknown comes back in full of anger. He slams his foot on the pedal and drives us away from that place and on to the next. There is two things that are going through my mind right now. Why does Mr. Unknown driving us to all these places? And most importantly what is Annie hiding, from me?


*Annie’s POV*

Justin asked the unthinkable yesterday he asked where I came from. I can’t tell him at least not yet. I didn’t mean to start crying it’s just kind of emotional for me. At least today Justin acted like it was just normal, as if nothing ever happened yesterday. At all.

I will tell Justin eventually because he will find out but now is not a good time. I am still trying to recover from the dream a few days ago. The one where Justin drowned. I was hoping we wouldn’t pull up to the woods but guess where we pulled up at? You guessed it the woods.

Justin gets out of the car with moon in his arms and sits down on a log. He beckons me to sit with him but it seems as if I am frozen in place.

“Are you ok?” Justin mouths

I nod my head but still have a big old knot in my throat. My face gets really pale and I begin to sweat.

Then, Mr. Unknown stomps out of the car. A nasty snarl is plastered on his face. He then plops down on the other log and stares at us with anger and frustration. What ever happened in that place made him really mad. Then comes the part I really hate. Mr. Unknown walks over to Justin. If this was a cartoon his eyes would be filled with fire.

The time counts down and everything turns to a snail’s pace. I bite my finger nails as Mr. Unknown gets closer and closer. He then is about to snatch moon away when—

“STOP!” I demanded “don’t touch that wolf!”

Mr. Unknown glares in my direction an evil smirk plays on his lips.

“Do you really think you can talk to me that way girl?” Mr. Unknown laughs “Do you really think you have power over me?”

I gulp and the words seems caught in my throat.

“Um…Um” I manage to say

“Don’t ‘um’ me girl, I know where you came from, I know what really happened, I know everything about you that I can use against you if I want. Let’s just face it, I have more power than you. I am the one who could harm you at any second of anytime and you can’t stop me. If you want your precious secret to be kept then I wouldn’t upset me girl because I will spill it. I will. So you and that orphan are going to do what I say or someone gets hurt, and your secret comes out. You understand girl? Hm?”

I nod my head and I swear the color literally drains out of my face even more than it already has. Mr. Unknown then storms off to the car and leaves Justin and me alone. Justin glances in my direction and I can see he has the same look as me.

“That was scary” Justin stutters

I nod my head in agreement

“Truth be told I am scared to be in the car with him” Justin admits

“Yeah” I agree



“I’m sorry about yesterday”

“It’s ok you don’t have too—“

Justin comes closer and puts a finger to my lips.

“When will you tell me?”


I look back at Mr. Unknown’s car and see he is glaring at both of us. I have a feeling he will spill it soon so I say what I never thought I would say before.



I nod

“Um ok” Justin grins

He then grabs my hand and we head back to the car, together.



*Justin’s POV*

I am anxious to hear Annie’s story. I really want to hear where she came from but I was surprised at how quickly she said tomorrow. Mr. Unknown did say he knew so maybe she was afraid he would spill it first? I don’t know, but I am still kind of happy she said yes.

When Mr. Unknown stops at yet another stop, this time it’s at a bowling alley, Annie turns to face me.

“You ready?” Annie inquired

“Yeah” I answer

‘Ok, so where should I start off?” Annie wonders

“Um the beginning?” I ask

Annie face palms her forehead

“I meant where in the beginning. I was trying to decide the important parts to tell but thank you for your stupid answer” Annie giggles

“Hey” I laugh “That was cruel”

Annie grins and makes a face that says “What are you taking about? I didn’t do anything”, which makes me laugh even harder.

“Ok, Ok” Annie says in between giggles “I’m trying to tell a sad back story here”

I nod and try to keep from laughing and make a straight face. I then listen to Annie’s start her story.

“I used to live on a small farm not far from here. We had tons of animals and I had lots of siblings, 7 to be exact. Their names where Julian who was the oldest, Amberley who was second oldest, Mark who was third, I was the middle child, Kenzie who was third youngest, Ian who was second youngest, and Charlie who was the youngest”

‘Wow it must have sucked being the middle child of seven kids” I comment

Annie glares at me but continues her story

“Our parents made us do chores on the farm and in the house. I usually had to give the chickens their food, collect their eggs, then water the crops and pick the ones that are ready to sell. Even though my family and I worked really hard we didn’t earn much money, my family ended up getting really poor and almost broke. My mother always told my father to get a real job that paid more money but, my father insisted on keeping his job on the farm because his own father had given it to him to keep the family business thriving. At one point we had to sell a small portion of our farm to get enough money for more seeds, food for all of us and lots more. But, even after that we still worked hard to get our share of money”

“Wow, I never realized—“

Annie gave me a look that told me I needed to shut up and let her continue so I did just that.

“But one day, I was just doing my chores like normal but a little earlier than usual when a man called me over to his truck. Mother and Father where right next to him, their faces tear streaked. I asked them what was the matter and who this man was but, all they told me was to go with him and that my life would be better off away from here. So I got in the trusk as told and went with the man. Later on I found out the man was called Mr. Unknown. We have been stopping off at places ever since I went with him but we have stopping off at more places when we got you from the orphanage.”

I look at Annie and I can see that she is crying again. I can’t blame her after what she lived through. But, this time instead of looking away I comfort her. This surprises Annie but she doesn’t budge. I don’t know how long we sat here like this but I do know that Annie is my friend and unlike other people that she cared about I’m not going anywhere ever for as long as we are together.


*Annie’s POV*

Justin stops hugging me and I wipe the tears from my eyes.

“Thanks” I whisper

“No problem” Justin grins

Mr. Unknown then walks into the car and mumbles something faintly under his breath. He practically strangles the wheel in his tight grip as he turns his head slightly to face us.

“Go to sleep now” Mr. Unknown orders

“But we aren’t tired” I point out

“Don’t sass me girl” He warns

I gulp and quickly follow Mr. Unknown’s orders and Justin soon follows.

“That’s better” Mr. Unknown says clearly satisfied

He then starts the car. With Justin lying next to me. I finally feel like I won’t have any more horrible dreams. But, boy was I wrong. Big time….

I look down, I am in a chair and coiled around me like a snake is a rope. I struggle to be released from its grasp but the rope won’t budge.

“Struggling won’t help” Mr. Unknown hisses through clenched teeth. He holds up Justin in the air by the shirt. If that’s not worse enough they are up on a balcony, looking down at me.

Justin pleads at me with his eyes while Mr. Unknown just laughs with the least bit of pity.

“You guys have failed me” He sighs “What a shame, I was afraid it would come to this”

Mr. Unknown then loosens his grip on Justin’s shirt.

“If you want him alive girl then I would make him show me his power” Mr. Unknown demands

“What power?” Justin asks

Mr. Unknown just smiles.

“The orphan doesn’t even know he has powers!” He chuckles “How Hilarious!”

Justin growls at Mr. Unknown and I clench my fists.

But Mr. Unknown doesn’t seem intimidated by Justin actions. Instead he loosens his hold even more.

“Tick tock” he smirks.

The dream then ends.


*Justin’s POV*

I glance at Annie and see that she is asleep. My legs feel really stiff and tired and it feels as if it shard to move them but I assume it’s just because I’m tired. I grab my notebook and pencil and begin to draw. Before I draw I look at Mr. Unknown to see if he is looking in my direction. He is staring at the road so I know that I am safe.

I begin to draw a flower. I draw the outline of the peddles and the stem and then I draw the flower as a whole. I add texture and shading and soon I am done. In sloppy hand writing I write ‘Annie’ and then put the drawing next to her head.

I see her turn and groan in her sleep, she must be having a nightmare. I then lean over and kiss her on the forehead. I smile to myself then lay down my head to go to sleep,

I wonder what she is dreaming about….


*Annie’s POV*

The next thing I remember is Justin shaking me to wake me up.

“Annie” he whispers “Mr. Unknown wants us up, he says that we are going to make one last stop and that’s it!”

“Really?!?” I exclaim

“Yup!” Justin smiles

I grin back and Justin then opens the door and I grab moon. Justin and I walk out of the car and suddenly I feel a gust of wind which causes my straight blond hair to soar up.

I glance in the direction of the wind and what I see amazes me. Justin is running really fast all around the abandoned parking lot. He is going so fast that his face is a blur.

My eyes get wide as Justin skids to a stop.

“How did you do that?!?” I ask astonished

“I have no idea but all my senses are way stronger than they have been before” Justin answers

Wait! Could those be the powers that Mr. Unknown was talking about? But how does he know we have powers? And why do we keep going to different places? Why does he want us? But the real question is is he going to do something terrible to us?!?! I have to warn Justin!

I am about to tell Justin the news when Mr. Unknown appears out of nowhere. A Malicious grin forms on his lips.

“Come” He says “We are going inside”

Uh oh!


*Justin’s POV*

Mr. Unknown leads Annie and I inside the old abandoned building. Instantly a musty smell fills my nose and cob webs are everywhere. Mr. Unknown types in a password in a machine and a door automatically opens revealing stairs.

“Ugh” I groan

Mr. Unknown glares at me

“Something the matter boy?” he growls

“Nothing” I sneer “I just hate stairs

He wrinkles up his nose and stares at me with anger and frustration

“Shut up boy you will climb up these stairs and make no comment about it” Mr. Unknown declares

I nod my head and stick out my tongue as I climb up the mountain like steps

Annie is right behind me and then Mr. Unknown. Annie looks uncomfortable so I let her lead the way instead. Once we get to the top Mr. Unknown scooches to the front and opens a door.

Mr. Unknown then grabs me by the shirt and we walk upstairs to a balcony. He then holds me up in the air by the shirt as I struggle to get free.

“Struggling won’t help” He hisses

I then see the fear in Annie’s eyes


*Annie’s POV*

Oh no! It’s just like my dream! I was able to change the other ones that happened but I don’t know if I can stop this one! And if I don’t Justin will die….

The reality then goes just like the dream did only this time I’m not tied by a chair.

Mr. Unknown then dangles Justin in the air by the shirt. Justin pleads at me with his eyes while Mr. Unknown just laughs with the least bit of pity.

“You guys have failed me” He sighs “What a shame, I was afraid it would come to this”

Mr. Unknown then loosens his grasp on Justin’s shirt.

“If you want him alive girl then I would make him show me his power” Mr. Unknown demands

“What power?” Justin asks

Mr. Unknown just smiles.

“The orphan doesn’t even know he has powers!” He chuckles “How Hilarious!”

Justin growls at Mr. Unknown and I clench my fists. I have to do something to change this!

I look over and sitting on a table is moon, and he’s glowing! I forgot about moon but why is he glowing? I then look back at Mr. Unknown and he’s still laughing like crazy while Justin just looks down at me with worry. I have an idea.

I grab moon then hold him in my arms, ow! He’s really cold! Moon must be glowing for a reason, maybe he has Justin’s powers, and it’s worth a shot.

I then hurl Moon in the air towards Justin, pleading him to catch him. Justin then catches Moon and he too start to glow. Mr. Unknown then drops Justin but he lands in front of him. The glowing then stops and Justin is a glorious gray wolf.

He growls at Mr. Unknown who looks terrified.

Mr. Unknown is as pale as a ghost and bug eyed and keeps on whispering “Good boy, don’t bite, good boy”

But Justin doesn’t listen. He then attacks Mr. Unknown and leaves Mr. Unknown probably dead on the ground.

Justin then turns back into a human, holding Moon in his arms. He then walks over to me, grinning like crazy.

“I got my powers but why did those weird things happen to me like my hearing getting better, my eye sight, and running?” Justin questions

“Well, lots of super heroes get side effects before they get their powers” I suggest

Justin chuckles and hugs me and we stay like that until we hear a voice.

“Quick! They’re here!” A voice yells

A man and a girl open the door and stare at us in realization.

“Justin and Annie, You are coming with us” The man orders

“To where?!?” I ask with fear in my voice

“Relax you are coming with us to super hero academy” The lady reassures

“Super hero academy?” Justin inquires

“We will explain on the way, now come with us” The man replies

Justin and I exchange glances and walk hand in hand with these strange people and into another adventure……….



The End! (Book 2: Super hero academy coming soon!)

Book Mark – By Samantha Hoffman

I keep your place of your reading pace

I keep your spot so no need to worry

Unless I’m taken out or misplaced in a hurry

Fish in the Sea – By Samantha Hoffman

There are so many fish in the sea

But there is only one for me

And even though I haven’t found him yet…

I’m still searching for the one and only

Hestia Poem – By Samantha Hoffman

Hestia Hestia she is the god of fire and the home

Hestia Hestia she has no throne

Hestia Hestia she has no children like other gods and goddesses

Hestia Hestia I guess that’s very modest

Worry – By Samantha Hoffman

I worry a lot and I know that’s not good

I know that I could not and I know that I should

But you can’t just get rid of all that emotion,

Especially not now with all this commotion